Go Green now: 6 easy actions

Simple home recycling

With climate change, plastic over-use, Anthropocene extinction… Being conscious of the environmental issues can be all gloom and doom and it seems that sadly we cannot do much at our level.

But that’s not totally true, there are still so many things we can do and the good news is you can start NOW and if we all do more, we’ll make a BIG difference. OK, so let’s start, here are 6 easy eco-friendly actions just for you.

Use less plastic

Plastic bottles (big waste)
Give up on these damn straws and other things you don’t need or at least look for alternatives.

  • Use your own bag instead of cellophanes for the groceries
  • Go for recyclable carton or starch disposable dishes, not the common plastic ones
  • (Re)-use a metal or glass bottle… You can get a plastic one but go for a BPA-free one then.

If you can’t live without straws, go for metal one(s) but… really? 🙂


If you’re in an area where recycling is implemented, please do it, it’s boring at first but it’s really important.

If you’re in one of the areas in the Philippines where it’s not the case, I believe you can still do your share, see below.

To start with, you can take a plastic bag or even better a big plastic cover from something you consume (toilet paper, wrapping…) and use it to store what can be recycled, the garbage collectors sort it after, it makes their job easier and more will potentially be recycled:

  • Paper, carton, cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal: Cans, foil…
Simple home recycling
Our “simple recycling” will look like this
Note: I suggest to not include very dirty stuff here to avoid smells & contamination of the whole stuff.

Also, you may want to place the glass bottles & containers next to your trash can so that the collectors can pick it more easily.

Additional tip: Reduce the size before storing for recycling, you can generally compress the bottles, flatten the milk bricks…

Pay attention to water

I’ll go with something pretty obvious for this first list… Just don’t waste it. 🙂

I’ve seen 2 particular areas on which many Pinoys can make efforts:

  • Don’t let the water on to fill a container or the washing machine and just forget it, use a timer if it helps you.
  • Wash your car or motor less often, you guys tend to really overdo it…

Some of my neighbors wash theirs weekly or even more often, it’s just TOO MUCH. You may want to buy a protective cover so that washing is less often needed, it’s easy to find in your local stores or online like on Lazada and not so expensive.

Why is it important?

Shortages of water are expected in the near future if we don’t pay attention so let’s all do our share.

Read here for more details.

Change your diet a little bit

Eat less meat

Eat more fruits & veggies
It’s as simple as that and don’t worry, no need to go Vegan (although you can :)) but try to reduce your meat consumption, going meat-free one day a week is a good start for example.

You may wonder why, let me explain… Outside of obvious health benefits (who said high blood pressure?), it also directly helps the environment since growing plants uses less water & energy than raising livestock, it also has a lower carbon footprint, read this article for more details.

We’re lucky here in the Philippines when it comes to fruits & vegetables since we have so much choice, it’s a veggan paradise I guess. 🙂


Jogger silhouette
There is a little trick here but it still implies taking fresh air and actual exercise. 🙂 Did you hear or read about plogging?

It’s a cool new trend that I encourage you to follow, basically you mix jogging/walking with picking up garbage.

We do it with my daughter sometimes (I have to do it more) and it’s pleasant, sure you pick garbage which is not the best activity in the world but it makes you feel great as you’re useful to the community. It’s also a good way to make you spend more time outside which most of us don’t, I remind you it’s healthy.

Change of search engine

I know Google is so cool but there are alternatives that are better for the planet, give it a try as your default search engine, see how to change here.

There is plenty of choice but I personally like Ecosia which finances tree planting & Lilo which offers a wide range of project can choose to support.
There are plenty of others, just pick the one you like the most and be part of the change.

The potential issue is the quality of the results and they’re less good to be honest but they still do a pretty good job and are sufficient for most searches. I switch to Google when I don’t find what I’m looking for with them.

Now let me ask you a favor, please really try to follow something from this list. If it’s hard for you, do it one item at a time, it’ll make it easier.

Remember that consistency is the key, the goal is to keep the change on the long term.

I hope this list will inspire you and give you some ideas, please share yours with a comment below, I’ll also write other lists in the future, I’ve already started a new one. 🙂

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