Be green and save on school books!

Be green and save on school books!

If you have kids in school you may know how expensive it is to buy the new books every start of the year. The good news is that it does not have to be this way…

Let’s all see together if we can change it for the good of the planet and our wallets. 🙂
If your school does not do it already, let’s organize a second-hand market and voila, we’re all a bit richer and a bit more respectful of the Earth.
Students reading

For this year

Please ask your children to take good care of their books. Also buy one or two notebooks so that they can write there the answers that they used to fill directly in their books.

If we all do so, you won’t have to spend some hours erasing books like we did last Sunday… the black stuff you see on the floor in the photos below are the remains of a full eraser. 🙂

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For next year

Here there are different options here:

  1. We could organize the sales ourselves, we group together and set up a platform and we just buy, sell & trade our books. It’s easy to do this on Facebook but we could see for something else too. Your suggestions are welcome.

  2. Everyone gets in touch with the school of her/his kids and partner with them to organize that, it would be more efficient as the schools can easily reach all the parents.

  3. This spot is for your idea, the one I did not have and I’m sure it’s a great one so share it in the comment or on Facebook. 🙂

From there, you just need to buy new books when they’re too much damaged or when the program changes. With care, I’d say that a set of books can last at least 3 years.

If you’re the one that buys them new, you’re almost sure to get 40-60% back and if you’re the last one that won’t be able to sell them, you still got them for cheap.

The only time it’s “not good” is when you buy them new and cannot sell them… but it’s just as bad as it is right now… So why not try?

The benefits?

I see 2 main benefits that we can quantify roughly, I’ll take my daughter’s books as an example.


We bought 8 of her books from a schoolmate of the level above, the cost for the new ones would have been 4,650 and we paid 2,000 only, that’s almost a 60% saving!

It’s green

They’re quite heavy, I’d say that it’s roughly 5-6kg of paper that was reused, for one kid only, imagine if we’re more, let’s all do our share!


It’s important since 7.3 millions of hectares of forest are lost each year! That’s the equivalent of almost 20% of the Philippines to give you an idea. (source)

Won’t it make you look poor or thrifty?

Honestly I don’t think so, if it does, I suggest to not care but it’s not always easy. What you can do is to brag about it… No kidding.

Our resources are scarce even if we don’t treat them like they are, we’ll have to take this into consideration sooner or later. YOU can be a leader in this positive change while we can still chose, how cool is that?

I guess that some of you guys already do this but I decided to write this post as it’s not common at all as far as I could see and that would be awesome if it could become more mainstream.

Imagine now if thousands of us do this, the amount of paper (and pesos) that would be saved!

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